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Is Sleep an Issue in Your Home?
It doesn’t have to be! I am an experienced, fully certified Sleep Consultant and I am here to help you with the sleep issue(s) your child is experiencing. I would love to discuss with you, your child’s specific situation and the different solutions we can put in place while working together. This does not necessarily have to include ‘crying it out’ - I will work with you to find the solutions and techniques best suited to you and your family. Together we can work towards creating a plan of action that will not only help your child achieve more sleep, but will also get you and your family the rest you deserve!

What I Can Help You With...
- Routines
- Bedtime Battles
- Early morning wake ups
- Night Wakings & Night Feedings
- Sleep Associations
- Short Naps
- Newborn Sleep
- Nap Transitioning (Dropping a Nap)
- Transitioning from a Cot to a Bed
- Coffee Group Chats
- Online Coffee Group Chats

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